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The Best Suv Tent in 2023 : Buying Guide form Specialists

Do you love camping but prefer to stay close to your vehicle? The best SUV tent turns your car into a command center you can use while camping, providing easy access to supplies, goodies, and additional sleeping space.


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Best Choice

1. Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

The Backroadz SUV Tent is our top pick because, compared to other options, it provides a little bit more value for the money. The interior of this tent is exceptionally roomy and has a seven-foot-tall ceiling that can fit just about everyone.

You shouldn’t encounter compatibility issues when mounting it to your car because the SUV opening fits all vehicles well. Additionally, you can seal the opening and leave the tent freestanding if you want to drive your SUV during the day.

Despite reports of some models arriving damaged and leaking, this tent has excellent waterproofing and durability. However, those situations are uncommon, so you should be warm and cozy even when the weather outside turns sour.


2. Rightline Gear 6 Person SUV Tent

A pop-up tent like this one from Rightline Gear is a good choice because it has a ton of interior space. This one allows you to stand up and move around like the other tents, so your entire family will be comfortable inside. Additionally, even if you don’t attach it to your SUV, you have more than enough space for your equipment because it sleeps six people.

The attachment opening, which seals when not in use, is one of this tent’s main selling points. This item functions admirably as a freestanding tent, both with and without a vehicle. However, we didn’t give it a higher ranking due to a few design flaws. First, rain can be a problem because the rainfly isn’t very good at keeping water out. Second, assembly and disassembly may take longer because the poles snag on mesh material as you move. This flaw can also cause tears, reducing the tent’s overall toughness.


3. Napier Outdoors Family Sportz SUV Tent

A “summer” tent typically has excellent ventilation but isn’t very resistant to bad weather. Fortunately, Napier’s Sportz SUV Tent offers all the same advantages with virtually no drawbacks. Unfortunately, the front screen room isn’t entirely covered by the rainfly, which is why we didn’t rank this tent as our top pick. Therefore, if it does rain, this area will have puddles that may spread to the interior.

Nevertheless, you can solve this issue by draping a tarp or an additional awning over the opening. However, we appreciate the top because it gives you a different option for taking advantage of the hot weather. You can use the screen room if insects are outside. You can use the awning if your campsite is bug-free. Apart from that, this tent is quite resilient and water-resistant.


Buyer’s Guide

  • Materials And Durability 

We advise that you assess good SUV tents in the same way as the best camping tents because they are made of the same sturdy materials.

A thick, tough synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon is preferred for tent fabrics. The term “denier,” which is used to express thickness and is denoted by a number and a “D,” is a measure of how durable a fabric is.


The best SUV tent poles are constructed from metal, typically from lightweight aluminum or, on some less expensive models, from heavier steel. On less costly designs, you’ll also see a good deal of fiberglass tent poles, which are less durable than metal poles but help keep costs low.

Although fiberglass poles aren’t entirely unacceptable, they are more likely to break in strong winds and typically don’t last as long as either of the two metal options mentioned above. Also, remember that heavier/wider diameter poles—which you’ll typically find on more affordable department store tents—tend to last longer than thin and lightweight ones if you choose a tent with fiberglass poles.


  • Effortless setup

The rooftop tent is the king of simplicity regarding SUV tents. These tents typically only need to be opened and unfolded, along with the placement of a few spring steel poles to erect the exterior awnings.

Because they require securing the hatch port to the vehicle during setup, hatchback-style tents are typically the most labor-intensive. Attaching the port to the car is not particularly challenging, but extra care must be taken to ensure the seal is strong enough to prevent water from entering the tent or the vehicle itself. When you don’t feel like fiddling with the vehicle attachment or there isn’t enough room in your campsite for it, you can usually remove the hatch accessory entirely and use the tent as a standalone shelter.


  • Seasonality and Weatherproofing Resistance 

All SUV tents are, in general, three-season tents. However, you’ll likely need to think about a standalone winter tent or some serious winter gear to keep you safe below freezing if you’re considering taking SUV camping during the winter.

Why Buy An SUV Tent?

Hatchback tents and rooftop tents are the two main categories of SUV tents.

  • Hatchback tents are the best choice for campers who want direct (and waterproof) access to their vehicles from their tents.
  • In contrast, rooftop options are typically quicker and easier to pitch and take down but don’t connect directly to the vehicle’s interior.

From the above information of OutdoorSports.Review, you to pay attention when choosing the right tent for your needs

An SUV tent converts the space inside your SUV, pickup, crossover, or hatchback into a practical extension of your tent for extra storage or sleeping space if you plan to do most of your camping close to your vehicle.


It’s the ideal solution for campers who need to add an extra room to their camping setup without significantly expanding their footprints, such as those traveling with pets, kids, or additional gear. In addition, these tents are beautiful for cars, SUVs, and pickups with some added off-road capability, like four-wheel or all-wheel drive, as it allows you to camp conveniently anywhere you can drive your vehicle.

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