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The Best Large Family Tent for Outdoor Activities

Do you wish you had more room on your upcoming camping trip with the family? We have compiled the 3 best family tents in this article. The following list will assist you in deciding which the best large family tent will serve your family the best.

Best Choice

1. Core 12-Person Instant Tent

This tent has a great design and is surprisingly well-made for its low price. It is remarkably sturdy for an instant tent and does a great job inclement weather. Additionally, it has ventilation built into it to prevent condensation issues during cold weather.

This tent’s design is gorgeous. The middle contains the entrance doors. You walk into a sizable space that can be used for storage or as a gathering place. You have two distinct sleeping areas thanks to room dividers on each side. The room partitions zip open and shut for convenience. Unlike some low-cost family tents, you don’t need to unhook them to enter. Each section of the tent can accommodate a queen-sized air bed, but there is not much space around the sides.

This tent’s weight is its only real drawback. Additionally, there is a lot of fabric, making packing a challenge. It does hold up well in bad weather, but you might need to reseal the seams.


2. Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 12-Person

The Copper Canyon 12P tent has a front room where you can hang out or store things. A sleeping area is created in the back using a room divider. There are large windows and doors, so there is plenty of light.

The size is the primary distinction of the Copper Canyon 12P Tent. In addition to getting 84″ of headroom, the footprint is three feet longer (1412 feet as opposed to 149 feet). Because of all the extra space, a large family could fit inside the tent.

Although this is not an instant tent, assembly is pretty straightforward. Even one person can set it up alone, though it will be more explicit with two people. Despite being freestanding, you should ultimately stake out the area. Inclement weather doesn’t affect the tent much, and the windows don’t leak. However, since there are no vents, condensation will develop during frigid temperatures. Additionally, considering how thin the floor material is, I’d advise getting a groundsheet to use with the tent.


3. Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent

The majority of big family tents are cabin tents. This dome tent from Ozark Trail is modified. First, the central room is created by crossing two poles in the middle during setup. Then, add another bar to each side to make two more domed rooms. It will take you at least 15 minutes to set up by yourself because it is a little trickier.

The Ozark Trail 10P tent has some excellent features, especially its clever design if you don’t mind the challenging setup. Three different rooms are present. Each room has a door (an entry in the middle and a door on each end). This indicates that campers can sleep in each room and enter and exit without disturbing the others. Alternatively, you could sleep in the side rooms and hang out in the middle.

The headroom isn’t excellent because the tent is a dome. Because of how standard the side rooms are, I wouldn’t suggest using a queen mattress there. It works better for small air mattresses or low cots.

The materials aren’t excellent, which is expected with a family tent this inexpensive. The thin material will eventually start to leak as the zippers snag. Also, in a lot of rain, it struggles. Also, I wouldn’t say I like that the room partitions lack a middle zipper. Since each room has a door, it is not a big deal, but it isn’t enjoyable if you want to move between rooms inside the tent.


What To Consider

  • Size

Size is probably one of the most crucial factors in your decision-making if you’re looking for a big camping tent.

Do you need a tent accommodating eight, ten, twelve, or twenty people? Perhaps something more significant or in the middle?

You don’t necessarily need an eight-person tent if you’re camping with eight people.

Those figures frequently indicate the most people you could fit inside a tent (typically with a squeeze).

For more breathing room, I usually suggest sizing up for this reason.


  • Can withstand bad weather

Weatherproofing a camping tent can also matter, depending on where you live and when you intend to go camping.
Generally speaking, I like to spend my money on waterproof camping tents or, at the very least, water-resistant camping tents so that I can use them whenever and wherever I want.
Because waterproof materials are typically more expensive, if affordability is more important to you, you may want to choose a water-resistant tent that can be used for the majority of the year.
Consider the time of year you typically go camping and the weather.


  • Durability

To save money now, you can choose the cheapest camping tent possible, but since you’ll need to replace it frequently, you’ll probably spend more money overall.

Large family camping tents benefit significantly from using strong, high-quality materials.

If you put durability first, you can use the same tent for many years, eventually making back your investment.

To avoid wasting money on a tent that won’t last, I always read reviews and comments about how durable the tent is before making a purchase.


  • Tent Materials

Large family camping tents can be made of various materials, but polyester and nylon are the most common.

Polyester or nylon-made camping tents are frequently less expensive, quickly dry out, and require less upkeep.

Cotton or canvas is another typical material for tents (which is made from cotton).

Canvas tents are typically heavier and require more upkeep, but they generally are better insulated and effectively block moisture.


Finally, poly-cotton combines cotton and polyester for a camping tent with the best qualities of both materials.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of tent material, but OutdoorSports.Review recommends you pay attention to durability is more crucial than material type.

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