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The Best Hunting Backpacks For Your Next Trip in 2023

You need a backpack if you hunt big game. To find the best hunting backpacks available, we carried many of them over hills and through fields. Please feel free to browse all our suggestions or use this list to jump to anything, in particular you’re interested in


Top Pick

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag is a fantastic pack. This combination has become a favorite among hunters who don’t mind substituting aluminum for carbon fiber to save money.

The pack has a dedicated rifle holder along one side and was made for gun hunting. To transport meat after the kill, the brand created a lashing system.

It has enough room for overnight backcountry hunts with a volume of 5,250 cubic inches.


2. Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

The Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack is praised for its strength and hunting-specific design. The majority of the hundreds of user reviews are five stars.

It begins with a frame made of durable fabric and T-5 aircraft-grade aluminum. Possessing the ability to carry a rifle, bow, or pistol is one of the hunt-specific features. Additionally, it has a pocket for a spotting scope to shield the lens when traversing unforgiving terrain.

The built-in meat shelf can support heavy loads to transport elk quarters after the kill. Additionally, blaze orange is an option, providing a small amount of extra safety that detail-oriented people will value.

Last year, Badlands also unveiled its Vario system, a different modular strategy for creating several packs for a single frame. We tried out the Vario system and were delighted. Badlands has it all, from a base frame to a daypack to a big ol’ multiday.


3. ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack

Check out the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix if you’re looking for a low-maintenance pack for deer and elk hunting on a budget. It works well as a daypack for carrying gear and is the ideal size for an overnighter. It comes in Mossy Oak and Realtree camo patterns and is multi-weapon compatible.

Although this pack costs less than others on the list, it is just as helpful and high-quality. I can vouch for the value of ALPS’s offerings because I used one for a few years in my 20s. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the model of my pack, but it was hushed as I moved through the backcountry.

I’m always very conscious of how swishy my bag is. When my jacket rubs against it, does it make a swishing sound? Does the zipper make a roaring lion sound in an otherwise silent forest? Don’t worry; this robust backpack should easily pass the “swish” test.

The ALPZ OutdoorZ Matrix has a lashing system for hauling, enabling you to pack out meat or carry additional loads. However, because it lacks a frame to evenly distribute the weight of your pack, even though I’m sure you can haul out a quarter with this pack, it’s not my preferred choice for heavy loads.


Buying Guide

It would help if you had a backpack that won’t let you down and can withstand the rigors of hunting season yearly.
You must pay careful attention to the following factors:

  • Materials

Materials of inferior quality won’t do, bucko. We carefully considered the materials that go into the fabrics and frames of the packs on this list, looking for items with rip-resistant fabric and premium aluminum or carbon frames. Above all, the boxes on this list must be constructed of materials that can withstand the severe beating they will receive in the field.

  • Capacity

Each hunter will have a different ideal volume inside their backpack.

At the very least, you will require a pack that can hold all the necessary tools, food, and supplies for your hunt. If you hunt during the day, your gear might only consist of your kill kit, game bags, lunch, and a few unrelated items. However, if you hunt in the backcountry on foot, your pack may be large enough to accommodate a week’s worth of food and supplies.


  • Weight

You’ll want something as light as possible but durable enough to hold up to the weight you plan to haul if you’re the hunter who walks 20,000 steps a day up and down mountain trails. The best hunting bags are strong, light, and comfortable when carrying heavy loads.

The weight of your bag won’t matter much if you hunt close to camp or spend the entire day in a stand.

Generally, a bag will cost more the lighter and more sophisticated materials.

  • Durability

We would be here for a while if I listed all the ways I’ve damaged hunting equipment. I have a unique talent for thoroughly beating up my bag. To that end, I now make purchases of durable, dummy-proof equipment that can withstand the abuse I’ve been known to cause. All of the packs that you’ll find on this post are rock-solid.


  • Resistance to weather

You probably already know that hunting rarely occurs in ideal circumstances. Weather can be utterly unpredictable, particularly in the late seasons. Based on their materials, the backpacks on this list provide varying levels of weather protection. We made an effort to include bags made of materials that are highly water-resistant or have a built-in rain fly.

  • Transporting Meat Capabilities

I prefer to travel with a compact, reliable daypack that is roomy enough for my first. The rest of the harvest will then be collected as I return to the kill with a larger pack. Although this is my preference, it might not be your best choice.

The backpack that is best suited for hauling meat should be brought along. Finally, consider how far you plan to search for prey from camp.

Before including any packs on this list, we carefully considered how much meat they could transport.


  • Price

It’s acceptable that not all hunters can afford an expensive pack. Therefore, we tried our best to recommend reasonably priced goods in various price ranges. As a result, we have everything you need, from affordable $50 packages to luxurious $500 bags.

You can find actual value when purchasing equipment from a business that stands behind its goods with a good warranty. Consider a product’s contract before spending your hard-earned money on it.

It’s a cliche, but when it comes to hunting equipment, you get what you pay for. Either spend more now on a high-quality pack or pay more later when you need to replace a subpar bag.


Hope that OutdoorSports.Review‘s list of the top hunting backpacks for 2023 could assist you in selecting a good option. Please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to point you in the right direction if you can’t find a bag on this post that suits your hunting style. Never let go of the best hunting backpack once you find them.

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