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The best hiking backpack for women this year

The right backpack can make or break your hike, whether a day trip to the desert or a month-long journey through alpine forests. After conducting a thorough investigation and gathering, OutdoorSports.Review has compiled a list of the best hiking backpacks for women.

Our Choice

1. N Nevo Rhino 65 L

You’re new to hiking and don’t want to commit much money to a backpack yet. The N Nevo Rhino pack is an affordable option for first-timers and hikers who don’t hit the trails often. Although not made explicitly for women, the unisex design is feminine-friendly. It features a wishbone waist pad with hip adjustments, shoulder straps, a hip strap, and a hollow semi-circle for head comfort.

Additionally, there are a ton of pockets, and the internal frame can be taken out if you want to travel lighter for a day hike. A waterproof rain cover is also included in this hiking backpack, which is helpful for unforeseen storms or hiking in humid regions like the Pacific Northwest. The pack also comes in 40, 50, 60, and 80-liter sizes to meet your needs.


2.Osprey Aura AG 65

Even on strenuous, multi-day hikes, the Osprey Aura 65 feels light. The anti-gravity suspension wraps around you to give the impression that you carry less weight and contours to your body for unrestricted movement. It is made of lightweight mesh from the top of the back panel to the hip belt. Effective weight distribution, an adjustable harness, a hip belt, upper and lower side compression straps, and a sternum strap contribute to the snug fit.

With the Osprey Aura 65, you won’t have trouble packing everything you need, plus more. With room to spare for other items, the water reservoir’s 3-liter capacity guarantees that you can stay hydrated on long outings. Packing for overnight trips is simpler by the lower zippered sleeping bag compartment with a detachable divider, and pockets on the hip belt make it easier to carry snacks for endless hiking. In addition, there are dual access stretch mesh pockets for storing additional gear, a trekking pole attachment for storing your poles when you want to walk without holding them, and a trekking pole.

Osprey guarantees they will repair any damage or defect for any reason, free of charge. Furthermore, they are confident that their roomy, supportive hiking backpack won’t disappoint you.


3. Deuter Aircontact Lite

The Deuter Aircontact Lite is a fantastic option for a hiking backpack with all the features of a large pack without the added weight, especially for weekend hikes when trying to keep things light. Compression straps, pull-forward hip fins, an adjustable sternum belt, and a height-adjustable lid all contribute to a light and comfortable hike. At the same time, the X-frame design helps distribute your load evenly.

The backpack can be perfectly positioned across your frame thanks to stabilizer straps, and the breathable padding keeps things relaxed and comfortable. The inner side of the pull-forward hip fins is made of soft foam for added comfort, and the outer foam layer is modeled to distribute the weight to your hips. Additionally, the fins’ side compression straps spread the weight and improve your trekking stability.


What To Look

How do you know which hiking backpack is best for you with so many options? First, let’s examine the key features when purchasing a hiking backpack.

  • Fit

The most crucial aspect of getting right with the backpack is how it fits on your body. It’s important to remember that not all women will fit perfectly in the best hiking clothing for women.

Women’s hiking backpacks are made to fit the “average” female body type; they frequently have shorter torso lengths, padded shoulder straps, and broader, more padded hip belts.

However, the women’s specific pack shape occasionally doesn’t suit me well because of my skinny build and lack of hips. Specifically, sometimes I struggle to tighten the hip belt enough.


Besides, have a friend measure your torso length from the top of your hipbones to the base of the bony knob at the bottom of your neck if you’re purchasing a women’s backpacking pack online.

To help you choose the appropriate size, this length is typically listed on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Design

There are a few features that are common to most hiking backpacks. These include sternum straps, waist belts, and adjustable shoulder straps.

After a few decades of external frame packs, internal frames are commonplace (you may still find external loads from the 80s in thrift stores if you like that kind of thing).

After that, the features offered by packs can range widely. You might also want the following extras on your package:

  1. A water supply reservoir
  2. The detachable top lid
  3. Added rain shield
  4. Cushioned straps
  5. Lateral pockets
  6. Waistband pockets


  • An Introduction to Mesh Pockets

The best hiking backpacks I’ve noticed have been moving away from mesh pockets recently.

Stretchy mesh pockets are frequently used as water bottle holders on the sides of backpacks or as a large pocket for an additional layer of clothing on the front of packs.

Although mesh is flexible and breathable, it isn’t solid and is frequently the first component of the backpack to break. Mesh may last for many years, but it will probably shorten the lifespan of your pack as a whole.


Despite this, mesh is still a popular and valuable material for shoulder straps and back panels, where breathability is essential.

The use of mesh for extras like pockets should be avoided, though, if you’re looking for a new pack.

  • Color

Your choice of color for your outdoor gear matters much more than your aesthetic preferences.

If you ever need assistance, choosing a brightly colored pack that stands out against the surroundings may help rescuers see you.


I’ll admit it right away: outdoor buying equipment can be intimidating. However, it can be challenging to distinguish between valuable and gimmicky equipment specs and specialty features without assistance. This article contains all the information you need before buying your next pack if you’re looking for the best hiking backpack for women. Good luck!

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