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The Best 4 Person Camping Tent In 2023

If you want a 4 person tent, you want space for a few people or a cozy family tent. Each of the many 4 man tents has its advantages. For more space, check out the best 4 person camping tent.

Top Picks

Here are some of the best four person tents for outdoor fun that Outdoor Sports has tested

1. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

The Coleman Sundome is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cheap 4-person tent for sporadic camping trips in nice weather. It is the best 4-person car camping tent available for this price.

The Sundome is one of the lightest tents we reviewed, weighing just under 10 pounds (9.13 lbs.). If you shared the tent’s weight with your camping companions, you could use it as a backpacking tent. The only lighter option is the REI Trail Hut 4 (8.16 lbs.).

Although the Sundome has a generous 63 square feet of floor space, the head and shoulder room is constrained due to the dome-style construction and the low peak height of 4′ 11″. As a result, a cabin tent like the Eureka Copper Canyon, which has a 64-square-foot floor area and a 7-foot headroom, will cost a little more if you want more headroom.

We are a little skeptical about the Sundome’s chances of being used in the early spring or the late autumn, despite Coleman’s claims that it is a 4-person, 3-season tent. In addition, it is only suitable for light, short rain because the rainfly has a low 600 mm rating and only covers part of the tent.

The Coleman Sundome tent is an excellent value for its price and a strong contender for fair-weather camping, but it performs less well than other tents in our review.


2. KAZOO 4 Person Camping Tent

The spacious, waterproof KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent provides a lot of features. Two people can quickly and easily set up the table in 3 minutes. This family tent is ideal as a 4-person tent because it has a large room and vestibule. It can give you the perfect travel experience for camping, hiking, fishing, or unwinding. We try our best to provide you with an ideal 4-person waterproof tent for camping. This four-person camping tent passed the waterproof test conducted by our team; waterproof glue was used at all seams.

The KAZOO outdoor camping tent has two doors and two windows for excellent ventilation. In addition, we created a porch with a footprint included so you can have a cozy tent for four people. Inner tents are comfortable camping tents with entire mesh walls and ceilings to maximize airflow and visibility. Full coverage Rainfly is a waterproof tent with high performance.

Your family can enjoy camping in this multipurpose 4-person tent.

Camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, outdoor BBQs, adventures, family gatherings, and picnics are all appropriate activities for Leo. High-quality components include but are not limited to, full-coverage dragonflies, smooth and dependable SBS dual zippers, mesh interior pockets, incredibly durable fabric dividers, and sturdy lightweight construction. Yes, to endure your wildest adventures.


3. Coleman Skydome Camping Tent

Thanks to the integrated stakes, the Coleman Skydome can be set up quickly—in less than 5 minutes. The nearly vertical walls give the tent 20% more headroom than a traditional Coleman Dome tent. The sturdy frame can withstand up to 35 mph winds. The bay door is wide, making bringing equipment like an air mattress, a sleeping bag, and other items into and out of the tent is simpler. Mesh storage pockets and a gear loft keep small things organized; suitable for one queen-size air bed; the average height is 4 feet, 8 inches; mesh storage pockets and a gear loft holds small items.

This tent suits me just fine. The tent is fantastic in every way. This provides an excellent buffer to prevent the “wet” mornings with steam I’ve experienced in numerous tents. After the previous tents, the attached stakes were a little strange initially, and it was difficult for me to turn my head around. However, I quickly grew accustomed to it and now enjoy having everything together. After one night of use in the rain and wind, everything was in perfect condition, with a great tent overall in terms of dimensions, headroom, storage pockets, appearance, and simplicity of installation.I believe that you will take pleasure in it as well.


What Makes a Good Trip?

  • Livability

The floor area, anticipated occupant count, peak height, and pole shape all impact how livable a tent is. Some livability will be forgone when designing a backpacking tent to reduce the overall weight and packed volume. Because of this, a car camping tent will have a larger floor area, a taller peak, and more vertical walls.

Each sleeper will require a minimum of 13 square feet of floor space. This assumes you don’t mind being crammed in close and only have a small amount of gear. Car campers should search for something 15–16 square feet (or higher) per person if they intend to use air mattresses or cots or want a more roomy, comfortable camping trip.


  • Weather Protection

The locations and seasons where you intend to spend most of your camping time will determine how weatherproof your shelter needs. Always use a structure designed for the local climate; For example, don’t camp in the cold in a Coleman Sundome for two seasons.
Shape, pole sturdiness, and waterproofing of the tent all affect how well it protects against the elements. More expensive tents are more weather-resistant because they are made of more sophisticated materials, have a full-coverage rainfly, and have stronger poles. If you don’t plan to camp in good weather, be careful about how cheap tents protect you from the weather.


  • Climate control ventilation

The number and location of vents in the rain fly, the fabrics used, and whether or not the tent has a single or double wall will affect how well it breathes. For example, waterproof coatings make it much harder for a rainfly’s fabric to live because they keep warm, muggy air inside.

A double-wall body consisting of the inner tent and the rain fly is a standard construction method for 4-person tents. This design helps keep condensation from building up and the inside from getting too humid by making the airflow better.


Because the inner part is a partial mesh, moist air and fresh air can escape. The structure’s ability to breathe will improve in proportion to the amount of mesh that is present. Some models use warm and humid air to exit the cabin more quickly, thanks to additional air vents.

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